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Thread: Linkbutton problem

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    Linkbutton problem

    I have a problem on my .net application and i was wondering if anyone here could help...

    I have a linkbutton (which raises a postback) but sometimes the application can take a few seconds to respond (not sure why, but it does, maybe bandwidth??) the problem is that an impatient user could click the button several times, which would raise several postback events on the server.

    is there any way to prevent this from happening? I've seen similar problems with normal buttons and i've seen javascript solutions that disable the button and raise the submit event in javascript, that solution would work well for a standard button, but for a link button its not possible.

    Asp.Net renders the link button as a standard Anchor tag <A> and populates the Href property with its .net postback functions. This is expected behavior, i cant replace the linkbutton control with a hyperlink control because i loose the ability to bind the server side click event to the button.

    can anyone suggest a suitable way forward or a reasonable work around to this little problem?

    Thanks in advance
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    Log the time the user clicks in the session, if the click is within a minute of the break out of the block of code. Like use an if ststement so stuff will not go into the data base 2 times. It sounds like the server is under load or something. Might not be the line, might be the processor is under full load or the ram is full because of users or applications running on the server.

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