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Thread: free domain redirect + ad-free hosting unlimited space?

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    free domain redirect + ad-free hosting unlimited space?

    I am moderately sure that it would be possible to use an unlimited bandwidth/space free server (with lost of ads) in conjunction with a very little bandwidth/space server (with no ads) and a url redirect service like .tk so one would receive all benefits of paying for a site (except the domain isn't .com) without any of the drawbacks such as ads. Could you put your pictures, videos, and other hefty content on the unlimited bandwidth/space host, while your actual code goes on the small space site. You could even write a script to redirect the user to the unlimited bandwidth site, then redirect to regular site again just so unlimited site wouldn't be shut down due to inactivity. If you see any errors in my grand plan, you could save me a lot of grief.

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    If you go ahead and mention the name of this hosting service I'll delete the post. This is just seeming too much like an advert.
    I'd remove the poll if I could but I can't, the only thing I could do is delete the thread but I'm not about to do that just yet.
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    I don't think it's an advert, but I think the plan has problems. For a start, it's probably contrary to one or both hosts' terms of service, which could lead to your account getting disabled. Secondly, many free hosts set up their servers to block this kind of thing. Finally, you can't really rely on any free service to provide decent service.

    Why not just pay a little and get a proper hosting package?

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