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Thread: i need a designer-programmer partner.

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    i need a designer-programmer partner.

    I will be buying a domain and web space, and launching my own web site which will have a kind of forums but also many other interesting features, i have some really innovative ideas. the concept of my web site will be completely new and as far as i know there is not even a single website working on that concept, although it comes close to quite a few, but if i can make it a success i have many more great plans.

    I will be starting university in Birmingham soon, i have the money for hosting and buying the domain, and even though i can spend a few more bucks on getting my site designed, but i would rather prefer to partner with someone, who is very good at designing and programming (particularly if he/she is good at php), as i have a lot of expansion plans and want to introduce a lot of new stuff at the site at regular intervals, and that would take my web designing budget up, which i cant really afford, as this is my first business, and i donít have many sources of income.

    So basically i am looking for a person who is good at web designing and preferably stays in UK, we can just discuss the plan over at MSN and if it works out, we can go for it. any one interested please get in touch with me over MSN.
    My plan has great potential for rapid traffic building and growth, and is long-term one, with multiple sources of generating income.

    I also have another offer for designers and programmers even if they are not interested in being partners, which I would prefer discussing over MSN.

    Even if you are not a designer or interested in being a partner, I would really appreciate any suggestions,.



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    Melbourne, Australia
    What exactly will your web site entail, other than forums?


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    u can contact me,

    vinoth@webhoststalk.com HOTMAIL


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    Hi buntine i would prefer discussing the details on messenger.

    Hi vinoth nice to meet an indian here, we will chat soon.


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