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Thread: CSS again

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    CSS again

    Ok thanks for previous responses guys,here is another one.

    I have created a scroller script.

    it works like this.

    I get the div.top position
    and then set the div.top = old+speed.

    It works perfect on all systems browsers.

    except when NS on windows is resized.
    When browser is resized a vertical scroll bar appears,once I enlarge the window size and then try to scroll.the vertical scrollbar disappears and that causes the whole div to be moved towards right. how to overcome this offset crap.

    I reset actualScrollingDiv.top to scroll it.
    but that NS vertical scroll bar is ruining the effect that the whole table actually moves right once the vertical scrollbar disappears

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    Are you talking about Netscape 4.x or 6 and above. I know 4.x has a window resize bug. Netscape also hides the vertical scroll bar if there isn't enough content height-wise to require vertical scrolling.

    That is, if the window is resized to a larger size, and there isn't enough content to warrant scrolling down, the vertical scrollbars will disappear and the page will rerender to accomodate the extra width.

    This sort of thing happens on NS 6, 7, and Mozilla. Maybe Opera too.

    I wonder if you could set the position of the DIV using right: XX%;

    That way it would position the DIV from the right, instead of from the left.

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