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Thread: SQL vs ASP

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    SQL vs ASP

    I have been getting into more agvanced web site programming lately and was going to make some cool form stuff with cgi but went to my host and learned that they dont support it... Bummer. Anyways they do support asp and sql. They actually have a database thing that I don't know how to use yet but seems pretty stright forward. I was wondering I want to make a log in page and a form where users can update their stats. What would be the best way to go about doing this. Should I buy the book on asp or the book on sql. Also the first asp tutorial on goodies said its made with vbscript. I imaging its very similar to regualr visual basic code which I have visual basic 6 enterprise but would I need to buy vb.net to make this easyer? How hard is it to do vbscript without a debugger? Can I just do it in notepad like everything else. Also How hard is it to do sql? What tools besides my data base editor my host provides to do sql? I have a gift card to barns and noble and I will buy a book on one or the other. Which should it be? Also what the heck is php good for what can you do with it? I dont see it as often as cgi and asp but I still see it here and there like right above in my adress bar. This form uses php. What exactly is php? Would it be an option to consider? I am using brinkster by the way so they advertise asp and im 90% sure host sql

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    The thing is all I want to do is add a new user name and password manually if possible so I can review information myself and then when they want to update that information they can take care of it via the form. What does it look like Im going to need. Ill need a data base with user names logins and information. Ill need the form and something to controll that form like find stuff in the data base. I have no idea how thats going to work. Then I need to put that information it gets from the data base and put it on an page. I am hopting once this thing is up I wont have much work to do at all. I just ned to know what to do it with, you know where to look for my answers

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    PHP (recursive acronym for PHP; Hypertext preprocessor, and available at www.php.net ) is the most popular language on the internet at present, so it's a surprise that you dont see it that often. Wheras Micro$soft came up with ASP, PHP is "open source", which means its free and developed by lots and lots of people. Also, Apache and MySQL (the server and databsse comonly used with PHP) are also free, so you can see why it has such a big following.

    I got into PHP at christmas, and think it's great - i think it's much easier to use tan ASP, and i think it has a lot more online support available. There's nothign i've discovered that one can do that the other cant, it's just a matter of preference.

    As to your book, most good books on asp or php will cover SQL in them too, since they so often go togehter. I actually use PHP with IIS and SQL Server, and although most PHP books you get will teach you how to use it with MySQL, it's very similar to SQL server (and there are help forums around if you get stuck - www.phpbuilder.com/board is my fave at present). Most books (if not all) will cover everything, including forms and updating etc, but its a good idea to have a good handle on HTML first (since ASP and PHP generate dHTML dynamically - it's a good idea to know what you want to generate first!): personally i use an excellent PHP pne called Web develoipment with PHP and MySQL by Luke welling and laura thompson, and i'vejust used it to design £600 worth of intranet for a local company


    ps oh and i use notepad to code all my php, and i did to do the asp i did too. and just to clarify those that dont know, SQL = structured query language is used to get data into and out of databases, php and asp is used to generate HTML. So tie them together, and you can use databases to genereate your websites for you 9yes i know its obvious, but there may be some people who dont know, like i once didnt!)
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    That clears a little up but which do you think would be easyer and more useful? How hard is asp to get into? I was thinking I could just use sql alone, your saying I cant? My friend says hes used it in the past and that it is very easy but I am thinking is asp usues vbscript it cant be that hard eather since I have been doing things with that for a while. Not vb.net but regualr visual basic but from what I hear they are pretty similar. I have been doing html/java script/css for a pretty long time so I have a firm grasp on them but I want to move on to the big show with these new languages and processes. I saw something on goodies about creating asp with java script and that asp its self isnt a language but a process. How did you learn asp, and or php?

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    i had hardly any web experience before i started to learn asp a few years ago. I found it quit easy to pick up and soon got to grips with it. Yes you are correct most of ASP is VBScript with is similar to VB, so if you have had experience with VB then i am absolutely sure you can pick it up. I started by buying a few good asp books read a lot about it.
    In ASP you use SQL for manipulating the tables in the database and thatís it. SQL is only a way to write code that the relational database can understand, however a good understanding of relational databases is required before you can learn SQL. We write SQL within ASP pages to dynamically link the information in the database to the page.
    I was lucky i was given an opportunity to develop a large ecommerce site using ASP before i even learned ASP. Practical use of ASP is the best way to learn it. Pick a project such as an online catalogue or a simple forum/notice board, look for sample code, use the same code and work with it, try to improve it.
    It did take me a few months to get my head around it but after that i was able to start writing pages on my own.
    If you go about learning ASP you will pick up SQL in time.

    Anyway hope this helps.

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    Now how exactly do I do sgl. Never mind Ill bug the book on asp/sql. Anyone use brinkster and use asp? They have some weird things like the code below. They say use this to get to ur data base. As the first lesson in my asp training maybe someone will help me break down the follorwing

    <%@ Import Namespace="System.Data" %>
    <%@ Import Namespace="System.Data.OleDB" %>

    <Script Runat="Server">

    Sub Page_Load

    Dim sPath As String = Server.MapPath("\YourMemberName\db\YourDB.mdb")
    Dim connString As String = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; DATA Source=" & sPath & ";"
    Dim objConn As OleDbConnection
    Dim cmdSelect As OleDbCommand
    Dim dtrReader As OleDbDataReader
    Dim strResults As String

    objConn = New OleDbConnection( connString )

    cmdSelect= New OleDbCommand( "SELECT SomeField From SomeTable", objConn)
    dtrReader= cmdSelect.ExecuteReader()
    While dtrReader.Read()
    strResults = strResults & dtrReader("SomeField") & "<br>"
    End While
    lblResults.Text = strResults

    End Sub



    <asp:Label id="lblResults" Runat="Server"/>


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    I alredy recognise little things alredy like the dim = dimention which I am guessing is telling the server or browser to set something as another thing such as dim x as integer whould make the variable x an integer and I recognise that it is telling the server/browser that something is a string which I understand how those work. I understand how asp works and mysql work to some extent because I have some cgi experience (I wish my host supported that really bad too) but the actualy stucture of how this thing works is weird. I am hoping to get this log in page done in 2 weeks. You know any good authors or books in specific I should look for?

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    here is a few books i started with:

    Microsoft ASP.Net Fast and Easy Web Development ISBN: 1931841462
    This next one is a must, the amount of stuff covered in this book is worth 100 times more than the money you will spend buying it. I did my University project using the examples in this, lol
    Active Server Pages 3.0 from Scratch (Jesse Liberty's from Scratch) ISBN: 0789722615
    this last one i use for reference:

    ASP 3 Instant Reference ISBN: 0-7821-2781-9

    hope this helps

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    Well what I am going for is a personal log in page and once the user logs in they can update their stats. That sound real complex to you? How difficult would that be to do?

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    sound real complex to you?

    How difficult would that be to do?
    no very difficult.

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    well I bought a pretty nice book, Ill come here If I cant find answers to any future problems but Im not sure how many I will have this book is nice and thik and crammed full o lessons

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