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Thread: CDONTS & Cyrrilic fonts

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    Question CDONTS & Cyrrilic fonts

    Hi, I'm attempting to send an html email using CDONTS that contains russian text. I have set the appropriate meta tag as below

    <meta http-equiv='content-type' content='text/html; charset=UTF-8'>

    to specify the language but the email still appears as unintelligable codes. Has anyone any ideas on this? Many thanks in advance.
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    The recipient will need that character-set installed in his/her machine. Otherwise, the default serif font is used.

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    Thanks Buntine. I'm using a form to enter the russian text which I paste from a website and this displays correctly suggesting the font is installed ok on my machine. The form on submit then sends an email to myself which then doesn't display the russian just the english. The email is html and contains the above meta tag. Am I missing any more settings in the email or maybe there is a CDONTS setting that I should be tweaking?
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