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    I used the resolution checker javascript and it calls the appropriate .css for the visitors screen resolution. this script is pulling coordinates for a dhtml scroller. Works Great except it is pulling my down arrow from my absolute postioned scrollable area to the bottom left of the page when the coordinates in the .css say otherwise. Im stumped can someone help? Here is the link


    Here one of the .css

    <style type="text/css">
    #divUpControl{position:absolute; width:440; left:275; top:251; z-index:1; text-align: right}
    #divDownControl{position:absolute; width:440; left:275; top:392; z-index:1; text-align: right}
    #divContainer{position:absolute; width:440; height:140; overflow:hidden; top:253; left:235; clip:rect(0,440,170,0); visibility:hidden}
    #divContent{position:absolute; top:0; left:0}

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    #1 Stop crossposting all over the place

    #2 I don't understand what your problem is from your description. It would be helpfull if you posted a screenshot were you showed where stuff was supposed to be vs where they are now.

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    There are several issues in your code that could potentially break your css styling.The main one is that your css import files have css declaration element and its attributes.

    get reid of

    <style type="text/css">



    part from all of your css import files,then you should be able to position your elements accordingly.

    else let ne know I'l help you.



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