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Thread: Macromedia Help in Dreamweaving Please

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    Macromedia Help in Dreamweaving Please

    I need help in templates of dreamweaver,i made one template
    and applied it to text formated pages made by me by
    using Modify>Templates>Apply templates to this page Command
    Now i need to know what to do should i place template folder
    too on the server or what?

    as when i try to view the page with IE it doesn't show what i want
    but when i try to view using preview in browser by f12 key i
    works finely
    Please tell me what to do,and how to do step by step


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    Just wondering what format type your text formatted pages are... are they HTML format? If the files are dynamic like PHP/Coldfusion etc... they won't appear unless they are uploaded onto a remote or local server like IIS or apache. What is in your DW template - How exactly is it set up... does it have editable regions? If you can provide some more info then we can get a better idea of what's going on and provide some details on how it can be fixed.

    You don't have to upload your templates directory to the remote server.


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    hi thanks
    i am not using any server technology like php etc. pages are just .htm
    and there is one editable region which i am using in template.

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