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Thread: Drop down menu errors

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    Drop down menu errors

    one of my websites www.finalstepmarketing.com has a drop down menu and some visitors are having trouble using it in some cases the graphics don't display correctly in others they get forwarded to the wrong links

    is this normal for drop down menus or is there a problem with mine? also if anyone knows what % of people have problems using such navigation...

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    well, i assume that the problem comes from at least one of two areas: 1)the menu uses javascript. 2)there could be a browser conflict.
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    i'm aware of both of those problems i wanna know if theres a way to fix it while keeping the same type of navigation

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    Try installing from scratch.
    The error appears to be the result of layers overlapping some of the menu items ,in IE, preventing events occuring.
    The menu is from Macromedia, ask them if similar problems have been reported.

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