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Thread: Bitmap to Metafile problem

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    Bitmap to Metafile problem

    //dlg1.Filename is a metafile

    Metafile mf=new Metafile(dlg1.FileName,ipHdc);
    ImageFormat[] aif = { ImageFormat.Bmp, ImageFormat.Gif,ImageFormat.Emf, ImageFormat.Jpeg, ImageFormat.Png, ImageFormat.Tiff };
    grfx = Graphics.FromImage(mf);
    grfx.DrawImage(bm, 0, 0, cx, cy);
    catch (Exception exc)
    MessageBox.Show(exc.Message, Text);

    In this program of converting a bitmap to a metafile,the above code creates a metafile before using the mf.save line.
    But the size of metafile is larger than the original bmp.

    The mf.Save method creates a metafile but,with some exception,
    "A generic error occured in GDI+".
    while displaying the type of that file using GetType(), it returns bitmap.

    I need to know first, whether a metafile is lesser in size than a bitmap.

    if so, how can i convert a bitmap to a metafile?
    My program , till before the line mf.save(....), creates metafile with
    a size larger than the bitmap i specified.

    So any body, please help em out.

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    I know it's a bit late to react, but I have the same problem you discribed. I was hoping that you have solved the problem by now.

    I just want to create a Metafile in memory, draw something and then save it to a file, but is still get the error message GI+ error.....

    Thanks in Advance!



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