hey all,

My question is simple... I want to get away from using tables for page layout and go to CSS, as advocated by the W3. The only thing holding me back though is whether or not the compatibility is there. I CAN'T create pages that will only work in version 6 and 7 browsers, I need to be able to go back several versions.

For example, I currently use the a:hover attribute for a site that I designed (it was my first commercial site actually). It works fine on my Mac in IE, but in Netscape version 7 it doesn't even work! As a matter of fact none of the CSS link attributes seem to work and I had to duplicate them in the HTML, which obviously I don't want to do.

In order to go with more straight CSS I am curious how well the positioning attributes work across the various browsers and versions. I imagine these are used in place of tables and the hover attribute is used in place of javascript rollovers... is that right?

Any help would be appreciated.