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Thread: Cross-Browser Issue - Can Anyone See The Guilty Tag?

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    Cross-Browser Issue - Can Anyone See The Guilty Tag?

    Hi folks,

    I wonder if anyone could spare a few minutes to help me. I've set up a web site and have started using CSS for this first time too. I have a gallery page that appears drastically different in IE and Mozilla, and I have the feeling that it's just one little tag that's causing the problem.

    IE users will see a few photo galleries underneath. Mozilla users will have to scroll to the right to the see them. If anyone is feeling up to the task and can look at the source for me, and perhaps give me an idea of what the problem is I should be extremely grateful! It looks like it could be an unclose TABLE or TR/TD tag, but everything seems fine.

    Thank you in advance for any replies.

    - Lee
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    all the tags are closed and it looks fine in IE and opera.

    Unless you fixed it I don't see any problems
    - God

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    Thanks for looking, IncaWarrior. It looks fine in IE and Opera, but not in Mozilla/Netscape.

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    try adding
    in the <table> tag of the part the moves over
    - God

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    Thanks, style="clear: both" did the trick!

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