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Thread: Detecting if window exists

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    Detecting if window exists

    is there a way to detect if a window exists with javascript?

    i need to execute a function when a certain window has been closed.

    thanks in advance

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    You can only detect a window if:
    1) you know the name of the window, or
    2) you have a pointer to the window because you opened it, or
    3) you are in a child window and you want to know about your opener.

    Even if you know the name, you still need a pointer. You can get a pointer to a window called "theName" using:

    var myWin = window.open("", "theName");

    Unfortunately, if the window does not exist, this will open a new empty window.

    Once you have a pointer, you can test if the window is closed:

    if (myWin.closed) ...

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