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Thread: Luxson - any feedback welcome :)

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    Luxson - any feedback welcome :)

    Hi all,

    Just thought i'd show you:


    My company's new site that seems to have been an eternity in the making. Let me know what you think before we start marketing it globally

    Thanks for your time.


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    Nice visuals and Flash. But if you want a page that will rank high in search engines than it needs to have some visible, keyword rich text. In a keyword density study by GoRank.com, the sites that rank high in Google and Yahoo! are ones with lots of text. GoRank.com took the top ten sites of thousands of keywords and compiled a comparison between the two search engines. The top sites for Google, on average had a total of 943 words per page and for Yahoo!, top sites had 1305 words. To see the full research go here:

    Yahoo! vs. Google Keyword Density Comparison

    All this is saying is search engines love text. With Flash search engine spiders become confused and can't read what is inside the Flash design. What would be an excellent solution is to build a HTML page and offer visitors to choose from a Flash or HTML page, satisfying both search engines and visitors.

    Hope this helps!
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