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Thread: need feedback about my website...?

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    need feedback about my website...?

    need feedback about my e-commerce website. It is not a real companies website, this is a website that i have created as a project for class for school. i would like feedback on the user
    experience. also i would like feedback on how you would like an ecommerce website to work. can you also give me feedback about the design aspects of the website, if there is anything that you
    would change about any part of the design, can you let me know? thanks
    my site is:
    Mike Wooten

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    I would recommend changing the images by anti-aliasing the edges. People will tell you to stop using tables and use CSS. Prepare yourself...

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    What a difference a day makes huh?

    I like this website much better than the other website you posted and it shows you are improving.

    I look forward to seeing it when it is finished and for the sake of testing and building purposes I recommend that if you really want to be up with the competition you take my advice and grab hold of this software which will help you in the building of web pages. You will have a clear advantage over anyone else who is using MICROSOFT products if you take my advice.

    http://apache.org (get a SECURE server)
    http://php.net (get server-side processing)
    http://crimsoneditor.com (time to build some real web pages with proper GUIs)
    http://gimp.org (great for making graphics for web pages)
    http://filezilla.sourceforge.net (upload files to your webspace)
    http://mozilla.org (get a better browser, start testing)

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