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Thread: best way to carry variables from page to page

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    best way to carry variables from page to page

    I have a set of forms that insert records into a SQL database. Page 1 is contact information and it has it's own table. Page 2 is the users options for the site's services and it's on a separate table (I'm not in charge of the SQL table designs).

    What is the best/easiest way to carry the AutoNumber variable from the 1st form page to the next? I need it so the ID in the next table will match the first one.

    I have an extention for Dreamweaver that inserts the record into the first table, and returns the autonumber into a variable. I need to know how to use that number on the next page.


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    Ok, well I used a Session Variable for this instance, and it seems to work. Will I run into any problems using this method for what I need to get done?

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    Their are a couple of ways. Please correct me if I am wrong.
    You can use post or get or session variables,

    Depending on how you are going to the next page you can pass the variables through the query string like this

    Response.redirect "MyHomePage.asp?Home=Me&Name=JoJo&Session=2"

    This will pass the values of Home, Name and Session to MyHomePage.asp.
    You can put anything in you want but you have to use & for a new variable in the query stirng and you have to start it with ? after .asp?

    Then on the new page you read the values out of the query string like this.

    <form name=form method=get>
    I think if you do "get" for you method of post then you can just do this on the new page to get the values.
    Request.form("?") ? = what every variable you are trying to get the value of.

    And then their is the session variable. its not bad to use it but it depends on how many concurrent users you will have. You have to use session variables wisly.
    Lets say you have 5 session variables set up for a user. Lets say you will have 20 users on at the same time. You know have 100 session variables set up. Was it neccessary to use the session variables, usually not. Their are other ways but sometimes a session variable is the way to go.

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    I would suggest using two "post" forms.

    - Submit the first asp file to the second
    - Retreive the values using Request.Form
    - Store the values from the first asp file in hidden fields
    - Submit the combined data together in the second file

    Using too many session variables can slow down the server (as stated above). Also "get" posts are limited in length and cut off after a certain number of characters, thus causing data loss for longer entries.

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    Agreed, the Form and QueryString collections are much less resource-hungry.

    You should only use session variables when you need to reuse a certain variable or object throughout an entire web application.

    To use the QueryString collection, append your variables onto the end of the url. The ? character signifies the first member, each following member must be preceded by an ampersand (&). Like so.
    The Form collection sends data using the memory stack, thus be hidden from the public.

    Considering your using forms, go with the Form collection.

    Andrew Buntine.

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    Keep in mind the session requires a cookie, so you might as well just use a cookie and save the server some resources because if you use the session the user still has to have cookies enabled and it is almost the worst of both worlds. It really depends on what you are doing, but I am just poiting out another option.

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