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Thread: text alignment within a div

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    text alignment within a div

    Ok.. How can I do this.. I keep trying different methods, and short of doing an absolute positioning, it wont line up... I know there has to be a better way...

    the link is here:

    The Link - Look at the black menu bar
    View Source for CSS

    What I want, is the Login or register part left aligned, and then the menu (the part starting with home) aligned to the right.... Short of using tables (which works perfect in IE and Avant) Im stuck... Ive tried using <div id='status'> then <div align=left> text </div><div align=right> but it never lines up properly...

    Any suggestions?

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    You must split the content between two containers.

    One way of several:

    .this { float: left; width: 39%; text-align: left }
    .that { float: right; width: 60%; text-align; right }

    <div id="status">
    <div class="this">
    Welcome unregistered user! Login or Register here!
    <div class="that">
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    doh.. shoulda thought about that.. cuz that made a lot of things a lot easier...

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