i have a nice looking website for my Trance band "Analog Pussy" -

My talented web designer cannot keep its development anymore as he is making bigger projects now,
and has no time for small budget projects like my website.

The website is not finished. Some features are not working, some features needs to be changed, and some features are not there yet.

Please note, i have no knowledge in flash or web designing, so i might not use the precise terms / definitions,
i hope you can understand what I'm talking about.

Time Wise -what's most important for me is to have some kind of an interface where i can update news and party dates on my own
that i need immediately, no more than 2 weeks from now.
with the other features i can wait for a while, but not too long either.

What i want:
1. To be able to update the news and parties sections on my own
2. i had an online dairy, now it is archived in some sort of a "blogging system" and is not integrated in the website. i would like to bring it back to life.
3. i want to be able to add pictures and videos on my own
4. Developing existing features (e.g. - adding more download items in the download area, improving the graphical interface in some areas)
5. Integrating flash games and flash movies (being prepared these days by flash artists) in my website.
6. Adding more Menu sections / features that do not exist yet
7. Probably more stuff that I'm not aware of right now

my web designer wrote me that my website is an Object Oriented Programmed Flash site which includes:
-Dynamic Flash video, -Dynamic XML content

i also have the source file of the website, and my web designer is willing to help with questions and explanations.

Please email me if you think you can do it, ask me what you need to know, and we will discuss details and money.