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    How to?

    I was wondering, How do you save HTML or whatever onto your IP address so that it comes up on your IP address website?

    I've heard that you save the HTML into Notepad and save it as a certain file...
    I'm sorry if this is iun the wrong forum, And if it's hard to understand, But it is'nt the most easy subject to describe.

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    Are you trying to set up a website on your computer? If so, first you need to download a webserver program, like Apache
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    Who is your server? How do you upload to them FTP? Is this what you mean?

    I know if I want to fool around with code on my computer I can save it and then read it in my browser by opening the file by it (or use homesite, which is what I use and makes it much easier).... but then I use leap.ftp (get at leapware.com) to connect to my server using my account name and password and upload/download stuff from there. When I was on aol they had specific instructions for their members' free webpage stuff...... is this what you mean?

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    Don't get upset if I misguessed you...........

    Of course I can't test cgis on my computer because I don't have something like apache running on it, so I upload them to the server and test them live. Also, animated gifs and such won't run on homesite's browser, but will on ie or netscape........

    Still not sure what you meant.

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    Basically i think he is trying to ask if there is a way to host web pages off his "localhost" IP address.

    this can be done easily. google 'web servers' and look for Abyss Web Server. This is not the best but the easiest to use. You can then place your html files in your predefined directory and typing in localhost or alternatively your IP into the address bar on an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape...) you will then find these files.

    If you are wanting to host your pages online through your home server, (so the internet is connected to your server) then i would read up on security and look for a better webserver such as Apache, mentioned before.

    Hope that helps...
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    Ah, I've heard of that, didn't think of it though.

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