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    Talking http://www.waterfallrecordings.com

    Please review my site. I've evolved from a mostly HTML site (which didn't view well in Monzilla and Opera) to using CSS and correcting the browser issues. I'd like some feedback. At the moment I am studying up on using SSI's to ease the pain of maintaining my pages. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
    Take care,
    Michael Stevenson

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    My biggest problem is with your hover effect - capitalizing the text makes the buttons (and to lesser extent side navigation) jump which is very annoying.
    Rule of thumb for a nice hover effect: change colors, but leave text and overall geometry alone. Shadow effects and additional graphics on hover are acceptable as long as the position and appearance of text stays the same. Certainly your hover effects should not affect neighbouring elements.

    Working web site is not the one that looks the same in a few graphical browsers, but the one that adequately delivers its content to any device accessing it.

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    Location page has letter y residing between </HEAD> and <!-- www.waterfallrecordings.com. ? 2003, 2004 Stevenson Enterprises.--> thus showing up in the body of the page, right before your header.

    Hiding your script, frankly is a bit annoying, especially when you ask to overview the site but do not let people see how you did the page. 99.9999% of time people who want to see your script do it out of curiosity or when they are trying to review the site and not for dark, evil, malicious purposes In that same page (I didn't check others) your code is a bit messed up - check the position of your <HEAD> tag - it supposed to be positioned right after <HTML> tag, which does not have a type declaration (see w3.org for more info.)

    I also agree about hovering effect - keep it simpler, definitely sticking to the same size. If you want to make the hover font size larger, make sure it doesnt affect the rest of the page.

    Another thing is about the wrapping - although totally fine from accessibility point of a view, is not something widely spread: usuallly if you allocate vertical (or, for that matter) room for the menu, you stick to it througout the site. If it becomes too much of a blank space, you can put some other types of content there - images, links, previews of other pages (beginning of articles), quotes (testimonials), jokes, etc - depending on the type of your business. But that's something that's totally up to you.

    Javascript - if you utilize javascript, you have to put <noscript> in your code for people with active scripting disabled.

    I also noticed that you have funky symbols such as ¬ and other throughout the page. Usually it appears when you work with your files directly on the server, editing them via some editing tool provided for you. It will not happen if you edit them in-house and upload fresh files. If it is not the case,then I don't know why they are there....

    Also try not to name your files with spaces in the names, such as OnLine%20Booking%20Office.htm - some browsers may have a problem with that. Try OnLineBookingOffice.htm or OnLine_Booking_Office.htm instead. From "printed publication" point of view a full name or 5-digit space before the beginning of the paragraph may look good, but it may not be the best choice for the web.

    uffff... sorry, I'm usually not mean )) you asked for it

    with that said - very good effort for the first time around. Once you go CSS, there is no way back ) Keep it up!!!

    edited: today I looked at the page and was able to see page source, and didn't get the javascript copyright popup: if it was my home comp's browser's glitch yesterday - I take my "Hiding your script..." sentence back, otherwise - good fix!
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    Absence of a result is a result, unless defined otherwise.

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    I see marquee tags on secondary pages. That is not even html. Get rid of them, they are annoying and inaccessible.

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    Thank you

    Thank you for taking the time to review my site. As you and Daria pointed out, the capitalization did make the page jump. I changed it. Thanks.

    I thought I had uploaded the correction that eliminated that errant Ďyí, thanks for catching that. Next: I re-checked all of my pages and didnít find any instances of the <HEAD> tag not immediately following the <HTML> tag.
    Iíll work on the wrapping. I really didnít want to use spacer gifís but I think it may be a necessity until I do, as you suggested (thanks) and include some images, etc.
    As for the symbols: Iíve never seen them and I use multiple browsers to check the pages: IE, Netscape, Monzilla, and Opera. BTW: I only edit in-house.

    Iím going to check with my hosting service about the %20 that is inserted. I thought that it might be the norm for sites using php pages. I have often wondered about that. The way I send the pages are like: OnLineBookingOffice.htm.
    Also, when you viewed the page today, any changes you saw were due to the browser glitch: I didnít do any fixes until about 2:00pm EDST!
    Thanks again Michael

    Thanks for the reviewÖ however: the marquee is only on one page, on purpose, and it stays as it is. I purposely used the marquee to grab the attention (sic advertisement!) of those who are interested in the special offer that it pertains to.
    Take care,
    Michael Stevenson

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