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Thread: ASP Source Code Security Risk

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    Question ASP Source Code Security Risk

    Is it possible to get the source code of the remote ASP scripts by appending ::$DATA at the end of the request (like GET /default.asp::$DATA) ?

    Going back a few years (IIS4) there was a security risk with your ASP source code - you could display the ASP code by typing in something like :ATA.

    Does anyone know whether or not this can still be done or is IIS pretty tight these days? My boss just did a network security check and one of the warnings advised him of the above - he doesn't think it's very likely but I thought I'd ask around anyway.


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    Getting a source code of the asp file is not so easy. In IIS 4 there was a bug and this has been resolved now. Actually putting ::$DATA and other things are commands through which people were getting the data and these are not working now.
    Vishal Gupta

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