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Thread: Registering Users

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    Registering Users

    Hi I saw all the javascript codes and none of them have it where you can have the users register by themself. Can someone tell me a code that does this: the users register on my site. it sends me an e-mail with their info. then i can choose to validate them or not. and about the registration part of this I need from them a user name, password, e-mail, secret question, and secret answer.

    If not then just a user name, password, and e-mail would be fine too.
    if anyone could help me out here that would be great, thanx.

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    ah, wrong forum.
    Java script can't do it. Even if it could, I wouldnt want java script to do it. You need to use a server side script to 'register a user' because when a user registers all of their information must be stored in a data base on the server, the data base cannot be written by java script because javascript does not run on the server, java script is run by the clients browser. This also spells that java script is insecure because one would only have to view the source to find out anything they want to about your script. It adds accessibility to the mix too as not all browsers can read java script, and not all browsers have java script turned on, some browsers allow the user to disable java script.

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    Ok, where would i go about getting one of those and how much would it cost?

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    It depends primarily on what server side languages you have available. You'll probably be looking for either php or asp, so check your hosting package or email your host to ask.

    I'll then move this thread to the appropriate section.
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