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Thread: need an advice about making my rounded-corners table

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    Thumbs up need an advice about making my rounded-corners table

    ok, currently i'm working on a new web-site.
    coding mainly in HTML and writting in a little PHP when needed...

    I'm gonna use a rounded-corners table.
    I've already setup my table with everything it's looking good.

    one problem,

    I've used the same color in both the curved corner images and the table bgcolor..

    but it seems to look(when i look at it) like the GIF's color is slightly brighter then the table's bgcolor...

    i've made dozens of corner-rounded tables for many websites and have never ran into this tiny problem yet..

    what i wanted to ask is: should i adjust the table's bgcolor a little bit to match the GIF's ??

    (even that then, when comparing colors with HEX values it will become diff. colors in HEX)

    i know it will then look better cause i've tried it... but i'm not sure if then it will appear wrong in other browsers\computers.

    please let me know what you think..


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    post a URL of both and we can look from the user perspective

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    Rather than make that portion of the image color the same as the background color, why don't you make it transparent.
    Take a look at the animated text under my name. it is transparent.

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    Possibly due to web safe colours


    I had a similar problem a while back, an image in photoshop had the same #hex colour as another item on the the webpage which was a background. The image and the background looked slighlty different. I resolved the prolem by saving the file from photoshop as a GIF using web safe only colours as my palette.

    Hope that helps


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