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Thread: WebHostingTalk.com VS WebDeveloper.com

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    WebHostingTalk.com VS WebDeveloper.com

    Okay, both communities are huge--but when it comes down to it, which of the communities is the best in all aspects? (PHP, MySQL, ASP, Network Admins, helpfulness)?

    Here's my analysis from my point of view and experience:

    Webhostingtalk.com Community
    - Huge community
    - When I tried helping someone in PHP (I rewrote some of his code) and he spazzed at me :|
    - Some are very mean
    - Some are very ****y
    - A lot of know-a-lot type of people that like to flex their knowledge by bragging in their own madeup threads :|

    WebDeveloper.com Community
    - Huge community
    - Everyone is pretty much pleasant and kind and helpful
    - Nothing else needed hahah, WebDeveloper > Webhostingtalk.

    Alright--my analysis is biased...but ...who cares? Hahah.

    I'd like to hear your experiences with WebHostingTalk.com, so pot away!

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    Re: WebHostingTalk.com VS WebDeveloper.com

    Originally posted by BuezaWebDev
    I'd like to hear your experiences with WebHostingTalk.com, so pot away!
    Ive only used them to look at what people say about different webhosts, and in that part of the forum it seems very good and reliable.

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    Well, OF COURSE we're better. But these forums are geared more towards the specific technologies, where web hosting talk seems more generalized. I really don't know, though, never used them - just read some threads about web hosts. Besides, we're all better than them.

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    wtf? their coffee lounge has 16 mods. amateurs

    they also use vBulletin, but it's all bojangled up. for example, in the WHT Lounge, i sorted by # o' posts. the results were, in order, 916, 40, 1252, 884, 598, etc. and that 916 only had 554 posts. i'm a bit scared to sign up. there are over 75000 members. i doubt if it'll be worth my time...
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