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Thread: Shell scripts

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    Shell scripts

    I have a question that i am hoping some here can answer. I want to automate a task with cron so I can take a vacation. I want to move my log files, gzip them, and rename them with a name that includes todays date (10282002 and so on). How do I accomplish this?

    Chuck Haislip

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    more info

    I just don't understand. Here is what I am trying to do:

    Make a shell or PHP script that will:

    1) Copy a file from one directory to another. It is a log file, so a shell script would work better.

    2) Rename the file to include todays date. This is essential because I need to no overwrite it the next day.

    3) gzip the file to save space.

    I want to save stats for atleast a week so I can go on vacation and still access the raw logs.


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