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Thread: Where do I go to become an expert in CSS?

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    Where do I go to become an expert in CSS?

    I want to learn CSS.
    From the posts I've read on this site, I take it CSS is the way to go. So, I need to become an expert in it!
    Can someone give me a few (recommended) pointers?
    (If I do a search on the net I'll get a zillion results!)



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    try searching this forum.


    are some sites you should check out.

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    www.alistapart.com has some really great articles that can teach you a lot of nifty tricks.
    www.csszengarden.com has some pretty sites, I sometimes view the source to see how they did specific things.
    www.bluerobot.com has some rudimentary layouts and shows you how those were made

    For future reference bookmark this hack chart http://centricle.com/ref/css/filters/ . You do not need to learn or learn how to use hacks at this point, but it will be good to have this chart in the future (of course you can always just look in my sig again).

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