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Thread: Is there Frames in ASP.net??

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    Sep 2003

    Question Is there Frames in ASP.net??

    Hi guys,

    i hope some of you could help me out here...

    cos i m using ASP.net to do my FYP(Final Year Project)
    as its new to me, kinda start from scratch.

    Wanna ask, is there frames for Asp.net jus like those in Dreamweaver?

    if there is, where can i find them, cos i kinda search high and low for it...kinda lost in the application.


    if there is NO frames in Asp.net, how would i go around about it. Is there any alternative ways to have the same concept of having frames?

    I hope any of you could help me out here...asap...thanks

    If anything email me for any alternative or solutions if any one of you could help me.



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    Sep 2003

    Sorry Guys i found it...

    Guys sorry to post this up, i have found the "frames" things..

    So no more problem till now...

    well kinda screw up due to the Fyp ....



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    Nov 2002
    Auburn, AL
    Depends on what you mean by frames.
    Its a client side issue. Stop doing your code in a wysiwyg editor.

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    Sep 2003

    But i still have some queries

    OK, basically i using ASP.Net do "hotel online booking system"

    so it is jus ASP.net connect with database and IIS server from Windows.

    So is still a server and client. is it?

    wat u mean of that editor u are talking about??

    and Frames - i found the frames but i cant use it, the menu is not clickable for me...hope understand wat i mean..

    i have one more question to ask.

    is possible for me to use dreamweaver for the interface and import it to ASP.net???


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    Nov 2002
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    when I say wysiwyg do not use an ide. I mean you said frames, and it sounds like you are thinking of something you might do in vs.net. You need to hard code it all and not do it with a what you see is what you get editor. Do not use dream weaver for the interface then add scripts, that what I way saying you should not do. You need to hard code it all. I do all of my asp.net scripts inside of dreamwaever, but I hard code the scripts and the site layout. I do not use the wysiwyg features. You should have a good foundation in xhtml and css before you learn asp.net. I mean you are putting the cart before the horse it seems.

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    Sep 2003

    this is wat i going to do in the 1st place


    Actually is like wat u say, by right i going to do everything jus in VS doing asp.net....jus that i thought it could be better for me to do the interface in dreamweaver...but since u say not to...

    wat i dont understand is wat u mean of hardcode? as in hardcode over??? i have to good in xhtml and css...actually i dont have much time for it...lolz...

    Cos i have still have database and asp.net things to refer to ..hahaha ...dont know wat databound thing...lolz.

    So thanks anyway...of cos if u got any better ideas to let me know..
    i will gladly to hear it..lolz..


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    Nov 2002
    Auburn, AL
    you can still use data bases yes. But I mean you should do the interface with code and not realy on dreamweaver. Yes you should use xhtml and css. You say you do not have much time, so you should probably use xhtml and css and do it right the first time.

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    Sep 2003

    Sorry huh, i got lots of questions to ask.


    wanna ask....?

    i m using asp.net in VS, is there css and xhtml in VS asp.net?

    i thought it was xml but i didnt know there is css in VS asp.net?

    hahaha aaaa i m glad that u share ur views with me..thanks.

    yup kinda hard code it...with the xml...jus that my this project have kinda high requirements..for it...kinda time constraint..

    kinda briefly tell u wat i have in mind.

    1) create database structure
    2) create the interface
    3) Link into server
    4) xml hardcode.

    something like that in my mind.


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    Nov 2002
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    well you create the db in sql server, or access. You create your pages. The script section you write out by hand in whatever editor you choose (you add elements to the html when you deal with them in the script, but don't really worry about the layout). Then you go back and dive into the html portion and make a css based layout, use xhtml preferably.

    You keep saying things that confuse me, like link to server... are you making a web page with asp.net, or are you making a vb.net application. Because 'link into server' makes no sence, when we are talking about a server side web page.

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    Sep 2003

    Is there any tutorial webby to recommend?


    Do u know any good tutorials Webby for ASP.net?
    i know about the www.w3schools.com

    is there other webby offers tutorial or better understanding of ASP.net?


    is there webby offers explanation upon queries?


    now over the thing u say...which some i dont kinda understand.

    1) xhtml is html plus xml. but VS ASP.net itself will generate the codes, isnt it. the interface itself is done in VS. i dont get u is the hard code it...in the editor?

    2) i have ask around about the interface using dreamweaver to do it and later on import into VS ASP.net...which they say is possible and most people are using it...but then forget that idea, cos kinda no time to try and error.

    3) the server part is jus crapz...dont worry about wat i say. cos is kinda database part where, the fields or data i capture i have put in the SQL server then up to school server for storage.

    1mth left for coding, 1mth left for database structure

    pray hard i can make it...lolz..

    but hey thanks for the attention over my matter.


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    Auburn, AL
    Look forget about vs.net. I want you to close vs.net and not open it again until you can do this stuff without it. You do not need visual studio at all, its just an ide. I do all of my code in dream weaver. As a matter of fact, I could script asp.net in notepad. Xhtml is html, it has a little xml functionality, but its your markup, you do not script with it. You make the layout with xhtml. Asp.net is run at the server, then it outputs xhtml. So you make an xhtml page, then you put a little server side script in there and it will genorate some of its own code and drop it within the xhtml you wrote.
    www.4guysfromrolla.com is a good site.
    But forget about visual studio, you do not import anything. If you design your site in visual studio, you are usin WYSIWYG features, and those are going to create crappy web sites. You need to write all of the code by hand.

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    Hi [z]`KoLd -

    I don't have any solution for your particular problem - but I just wanted to give you some encouragement and say, I think you'll do pretty well at this .NET.

    I know it seems difficult at first, but your technical knowledge and skills are already the equal of most professional .NET developers out there (I know, I often have to deal with them through my work), and your problem solving attitude is exactly appropriate for .NET. Keep at it and you'll probably be able to get an MCSE qualification within a few weeks

    All the best

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    Sep 2003

    Well Shimon, i not that good as wat u think

    Hi Shimon,

    Thanks for the Blah blah....but me aint that good as u think..

    cos if i m that good, i probably wont come to the forum to post queries...huh ...lolz...

    But then thanks for the boosting of morale...

    i m trying hard to do my project...


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