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Thread: Some thoughts on ASP.net

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    Jul 2004

    Some thoughts on ASP.net

    Hello all,

    This is for all the novices out there new to the world of ASP.NET.

    ASP.net by Microsoft is also known as ASP+ is not really a upgraded version of ASP. It is a entirely new technology in terms of server side scripting.

    ASP.NET delivers amazing performance when used with the .NET framework allowing you to get a drag and drop coding interface resulting in much less coding

    What is Server Side Scripting?

    Normally, In case of a web page coded in HTML, the request for the page is sent to the server and the HTML file is sent back to the user.

    server side scripting allows you to execute some code, some event before the page is sent back to the user so, here when the user requests a ASP page, the request is sent back to the server from the browser, the ASP engine reads the file line by line executing the script written in the file and after reading all the lines and executing the code the ASP file is returned to the user in the form of a HTML page.

    What is .Net Framework?

    The .NET Framework is a API for building, deploying, and running Web Services and Applications, with support for over 20 different programming languages.

    Are there any differences between ASP.NET Vs ASP

    Here are a few major differences between the two scripting languages:

    The extension for a ASp.net file is '.aspx'.

    ASP.net offers full compatibility with languages like Visual Basic, C#, C++ where as ASP does not.

    ASP.Net contains a huge set of HTML controls all of which can be defined as ASP.NET control objects which in turn can be controlled by scripts.

    There is better event handling, all the objects on a page can be processed by the code written in ASP.net Supports custom forms based user authentication & according to the privileges of the user he has access to information displayed.

    At the first request of a ASP.net page the code is compiled and a copy of it created & cached in the memory, thus allowing for increased performance.

    Can I install ASP.net?

    You will need a windows compatible PC & a windows O/S, windows 2000 or XP are good options.

    You will also need the internet information server installed, this comes bundled with the 2000 & XP & some other versions of the Microsoft O/S, you can install it by going to the add/remove programs in your control panel.

    A internet connection to download & install the .Net framework from the Microsoft website, this is different from the .Net SDK which is bigger, around 130MBs.


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    Melbourne, Australia
    I would recommend the SDK to new users as it contains the complete API documentation and development tools.

    I will keep this thread stuck for a week or so.

    Andrew Buntine.

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    Thanks for doing that, I am learning new things everyday myself and just trying to share my knowledge with everyone else


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    Melbourne, Australia
    Good job. Knowledge is power

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    Hello all,

    Here is some more information about ASP.Net

    Some features of ASP.NET

    Crash protection: ASP.NET has been designed to handle your memory leaks efficiently, whenever a memory leak is detected ASP.net creates another copy of itself, all new requests are directed to this new copy, the older copy is deleted along with the memory leak it created when it finishes executing the pending processes.

    Memory Leaks - In order for a program to run it needs memory(RAM), after a application is terminated it should normally free up the computer memory it has been using. However it sometimes does not happen which could be due to a result of a bug/design problem in the application.

    Lets say that out of 4 applications 3 fail to release all or a significant part of the memory that they were using. This memory is now tied up, now if a new application is started it could be possible that the computer does not have enough memory to provide it to run properly, resulting in a huge system slowdown or sometimes crashes.

    Caching: ASP.Net allows you to build web applications that are fast, it does that by caching of compiled code, i.e. certain pages can be cached into the memory, so that they donít take a longer time to retrieve, now the trick here is that this code is compiled, this is it is already converted into a machine readable format.

    Caching/Cache MemoryIn a computer almost all of your applications and data are stored on your hard disk, whenever you access something the CPU first searches for it in the cache memory, if the data is there it is returned back the user, otherwise the CPU searches for it in the Hard disk, once the data is found it is first transported to the RAM of your system, and then from to the cache memory and then it is returned to the user.

    The memory of the cache depends on the PC configuration, as more and more data is stored in the cache the previous data has to be deleted, caching makes data access faster as if the data is already stored in the cache then it cuts out the step of searching in the memory.


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    Hello all,

    Here are a few more things about ASP.NET that every novice should know.

    In traditional ASP the executable code was written along with the HTML code i.e. some lines of HTML and then some lines of ASP and then some more lines of HTML & so on, for a beginner this make the code very difficult to understand also it is a tiring task to read or even modify such codes.
    ASP.NET adderssed this issue as well with the help of three kinds of server controls.

    A. HTML Server Controls.
    B. Validation Server Controls.
    C. Web Server Controls.

    ASP.NET was designed with the issue of scalability in mind. ASP.NET is capable of being scaled over several servers at a time with very little loss of communication.

    Scalability - In a broad sense of the term scalability in computing means being able to function properly or even better when there is a change in the environment in terms of volume or size.

    ASP.net is not cross platform compatible though i.e. you cant play mix and match with it, as its been made by microsoft it can only run on microsoft IIS servers.

    ASP.NET is not totally compatible with ASP i.e. it is not fully backwards compatible.

    Some information from http://www.w3schools.com


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    Hello all,

    Here are a few more things about ASP.NET

    HTML server controls - Normally, all HTMl elements in ASP.NET files are treated as text. HTML server controls are basically HTML tags that are processed by the web server and not the browser i.e. these are HTML tags understood by the web server. HTML controls also
    slow down page load, so it should be used with a certain amount of caution. If too many are used on a single page then it slows down page loads.

    To make a HTML server control we use the runat = "server" attribute in the <form> tag, HTML server controls can only be placed within a <form> tag. We can use the 'id' attribute in order to give the HTML server control a custom defined name.

    Some very common HTML server controls are HtmlImage, HtmlButton, HtmlAnchor etc. etc.


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    Originally posted by ashish

    ASP.net is not cross platform compatible though i.e. you cant play mix and match with it, as its been made by microsoft it can only run on microsoft IIS servers.
    No, it will run on linux with apache for free. Its called the mono project. 1.0 is out, but vb.net is not yet fully implimented. It will be with the next version. Mono will let you run a .net webserver on linux, mac, xp home, heck It would not supprise me if it went to unix one day. www.go-mono.org
    Last edited by PeOfEo; 08-05-2004 at 01:57 AM.

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    Originally posted by PeOfEo
    No, it will run on linux with apache for free. Its called the mono project. 1.0 is out, but vb.net is not yet fully implimented. It will be with the next version. Mono will let you run a .net webserver on linux, mac, xp home, heck It would not supprise me if it went to unix one day. www.go-mono.org

    Hi PE,

    Thanks for pointing that out, now I knew that, i mean that ASP.NET cud be made compatible with other platfroms, what was i thinking while writing

    I need to take a break

    tx again


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    Hello all,

    Here is some information on Web Server Controls in ASP.NET

    Web Server Controls - Just like HTML server controls, web server controls are also created on the server once again requiring the 'runat' attribute in the <form> tag. However these controls are different from the HTML server controls as these are controls that are special ASP.NET tags that are recognised by the server.


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    Thanks. You know, we actually have a forum for .NET related disscussion in the development section.

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    hi buntine,

    If you think that this thread is much more suitable in the development section, then please go ahead and move it over there, i actually dont know how to do that :$


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    Oh, this thread should be ok. But next time, just start it in the .NET forum.

    Only mods can move threads. hehe

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    Thought I should mention the validation server controls in ASP.NET coz they are pretty important.

    ASP.NET has got some 6 validation controls

    CompareValidator - Is used to compare two different values, returns a Boolean expression.

    RequiredFieldValidator - Is used to make sure that there is a value entered in a particular input control i.e. there has been a change of value in the input field, by default the value of such a field is set to "" and if there is no change in this value, it returns a error.

    RegularExpressionValidator - You can use this to make sure that the data entered in a particular field is in a pattern defined by you, for example, there might be a field where you want the user to enter the phone number along with country and area code, you can check that the user enters the data in that pattern other wise show an error to the user.

    ValidationSummary - This control returns a list of error messages generated by the various validation controls used on a web page.

    RangeValidator - Used to check that the data entered by the user is in between a certain range, i.e. the data entered by the user must be between a certain upper & lower limit. You can use it for numbers, character & dates.
    For ex: You might want the user to enter a month and so that implies that it should be between 1-12, anything else should normally generate an error. You specify the ranges by using the 'MaximumValue' & 'MinimumValue' property.

    CustomValidator - Sometimes you want to perform a validation that is not provided in ASP.NET validation controls, so ASP.NET allows you to code a user defined validation and call it in the CustomValidator. Take the case of a registration form where you want the user to have at least 8 characters, so you write the code to check that and then use it through CustomValidator.

    some information from www.w3schools.com & www.asp411.net


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    Can I use the "include files" with ASP.Net so when I need to change my connection I only have to change one file?
    May God give my the patience to get through this!

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