Hello all,

This is for all the novices out there new to the world of ASP.NET.

ASP.net by Microsoft is also known as ASP+ is not really a upgraded version of ASP. It is a entirely new technology in terms of server side scripting.

ASP.NET delivers amazing performance when used with the .NET framework allowing you to get a drag and drop coding interface resulting in much less coding

What is Server Side Scripting?

Normally, In case of a web page coded in HTML, the request for the page is sent to the server and the HTML file is sent back to the user.

server side scripting allows you to execute some code, some event before the page is sent back to the user so, here when the user requests a ASP page, the request is sent back to the server from the browser, the ASP engine reads the file line by line executing the script written in the file and after reading all the lines and executing the code the ASP file is returned to the user in the form of a HTML page.

What is .Net Framework?

The .NET Framework is a API for building, deploying, and running Web Services and Applications, with support for over 20 different programming languages.

Are there any differences between ASP.NET Vs ASP

Here are a few major differences between the two scripting languages:

The extension for a ASp.net file is '.aspx'.

ASP.net offers full compatibility with languages like Visual Basic, C#, C++ where as ASP does not.

ASP.Net contains a huge set of HTML controls all of which can be defined as ASP.NET control objects which in turn can be controlled by scripts.

There is better event handling, all the objects on a page can be processed by the code written in ASP.net Supports custom forms based user authentication & according to the privileges of the user he has access to information displayed.

At the first request of a ASP.net page the code is compiled and a copy of it created & cached in the memory, thus allowing for increased performance.

Can I install ASP.net?

You will need a windows compatible PC & a windows O/S, windows 2000 or XP are good options.

You will also need the internet information server installed, this comes bundled with the 2000 & XP & some other versions of the Microsoft O/S, you can install it by going to the add/remove programs in your control panel.

A internet connection to download & install the .Net framework from the Microsoft website, this is different from the .Net SDK which is bigger, around 130MBs.