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Thread: Some thoughts on ASP.net

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    Originally posted by peachy
    Can I use the "include files" with ASP.Net so when I need to change my connection I only have to change one file?
    You can use asp.net to perform server side includes. But you cannot use a server side include to include an external script. To use an external script you can use a class or code behind.

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    Hello all,

    Back with some more information on ASP.NET, lets talk in detail about web server controls :P

    AdRotator - This control is erally useful if you want to display advertisements on your site, by using this control, you can just giev the paths of the ad images you want to show along with their URL's & then every time the page is loaded it cycles through these ads and picks one.

    You can also set the priority of which ad should be shown more often by using the <impressions> tag.

    Button - Used to create a clickable button, you can use this to perform a action when clicked by the user, by default it submits the information on the page backto the web server, but it can also be programmed to perfrom some other action.

    Calender - Displays a calender in a very pretty graphical format, you can also move back and forth between in this calender, add notes & events for a particular day.

    CheckBox - Used for displaying a Checkbox . You can set its property to be checked by default.

    Data Grid - The data grid control can display data in the form of a table, also it provides functioanlity to modify the data.

    Data List - Similar to Data Grid in the sense that it also displays data, but here you can specify how it will be displayed through the use of templates & styles.

    Drop Down List - This allows you to create a drop-down list, from which the user can chose a particular option. Once a option has been selected it can also be automatically sent back to the server without the user having to click on any 'submit' or 'go' button.

    HyperLink - Allows you to create a link.

    Image - Allows you to display a image on the page.

    Any comments/suggestions/corrections are welcome

    Some info from: www.asp411.com


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    You did not even talk about my favorite control . The repeater. It can give you all of the functionality of a data grid, and more. It does not confine you to a table. I like to output the <div> in a class for things like a news column or a blog.

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    Hi PeOfEo,

    I was gonna talk about that one too :P, just thought that i would proceed alpabhatically

    But thanks for your contribution


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    Hey all,

    Just continuing where I left off from about web server controls. J

    Image Button - Very similar to the button control, however in place of a clickable button, there is a image. When the image is clicked with the mouse it executes a certain function which is defined in the 'onClick' property of the image control.

    Link Button - Use this to create buttons that open a new link, it has the functionality of the button control but the looks of a hyperlink control.

    Label - This control is used to specify some text that will be displayed on the web page, it is normally sed for displaying dynamic text on the web page, i.e. show some text after a certain event has taken place.

    List Box - Creates a list box that shows the user many choices or options, you can change the property of this box to make it a single or multiple selection box.

    Any comments/suggestions/corrections are welcome

    You can find more details about web sever controls at www.411asp.net & www.w3schools.com


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    Hi all,

    Here Some more Web Serve Controls.

    Literal - Just like the Label control, lets you display text on web pages, only does not allow you to apply styles.

    Panel - This is a container control, you can group other controls within this control and then use them together.

    Place Holder - There may be some controls that you want to appear dynamically i.e. after a certain event takes place, and you want them to appear at a particular place on your page, it is at that time that place holder control is really useful, you can reserve a place for such kind of controls on your page and then when that event occurs the control will appear on the position where the place holder control has been placed.

    Radio Button - Displays a Radio Button on the page, you can use radio buttons to help the user make a choice from a list of choices.

    Radio Button List - The radio button list is much ore useful if you have got a lot of choices and you want the user to make only one choice, it binds radio buttons together and allows the user to make only one choice.

    Any Suggestions/Comments/Corrections welcome

    Some information from www.411asp.net & www.aspalliance.com


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    Hi all,

    This is a wrap up of the rest of the web server controls.

    Repeater - It displays the items from a source defined by you in a certain template way, It does not have a predefined way/template for displaying data by itself, you have to define one yourself before using it.(Also read what PeOfEo said about Repeater )

    Table - Use this to create a table, used along with the next two controls to make a proper table. You can insert HTML elements like 'text' and/ or controls into a table.

    Table Cell - Creates in a cell in a table created with the Table Control.

    Table Row - Inserts a row in a table that has been created with the use of Table Control.

    Text Box - Inserts a text box, you can define it to be multi-line text box or single line by changing its 'TextMode' property.

    Xml - Reads from an XML file and then puts the output from the resultant code onto the web page at the specified position.

    Any suggestions/corrections/additions welcome

    Some information from http://www.411asp.net


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    Originally posted by ashish

    Repeater - It displays the items from a source defined by you in a certain template way, It does not have a predefined way/template for displaying data by itself, you have to define one yourself before using it.(Also read what PeOfEo said about Repeater )

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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to tell something to all the newbies about the various HTML server controls.

    Normally, all HTML elements in a ASP.NET file are treated as normal text, however, in order to process a HTML element at the server, you need to add a runat = "server" property in the form and the Html tags.

    Once you do that you can programmatically control a Html element, in fact all the HTML controls allow you to control some or the other Html tag at the server.

    Here is a list of the various HTML server controls along with the Html tag that they control.

    HtmlAnchor - Used for controlling the <a> tag, which is associated with hyper linking.

    HtmlButton - Controls the <button> tag.

    HtmlForm - Controls forms.

    HtmlGeneric - All those Html controls for which there is no specific Html server control are handled by this control, for ex: <body>, <div>, <span>, etc.

    HtmlImage - Controls the image tags.

    HtmlInputButton - Controls the submit, reset & button HTML elements.

    HtmlInputCheckBox - Controls the checkbox element.

    HtmlInputFile - Controls the file element.

    HtmlInputHidden - Controls the hidden element.

    Any suggestion/Corrections/Additions welcome

    Some info from www.411asp.net & www.aspalliance.com


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    Hi all,

    Some more HTML Server Controls.

    HtmlInputImage - Use this when the browser does not support DHTML and/or the HtmlButton, this control is used for the <input type="image"> HTML element allowing you to Create a graphical button, i.e. you can create a button using a image, instead of a regular

    HtmlInputRadioButton - Controls the <input type="radio">, use this to create & control radio buttons on a web page, you can group multiple radio buttons together using the 'name' property, just provide the same value, once radio buttons are grouped together, you can only select one button from that group, i.e. you are allowed to make only one choice.

    HtmlInputText - Controls <input type="text"> and <input type="password"> HTML elements, text boxes are created on the page with the use of this control. When the input type is set to 'password' the values entered in the text field are masked i.e. instead of numbers and word '*' are displayed. These controls are normally used to accept inputs from the user.

    HtmlSelect - Controls a <select> HTML element i.e. a drop down list box, you can also specify this drop down box to be either just a list box using the 'size property' or a multiple selection list box by using the 'multiple' property, in which case it ceases to be a drop-down box and just becomes a list box.

    Any suggestions/corrections/comment welcome

    Some information from www.411asp.net


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    asp.net query

    hey ashish

    I am happy to see there are a few who care out there in the world of development and are willing to share their knowledge with the world. good on ya! I was starting the task of creating a analysis program which takes feedback from a customer, kind of like a survey. I will be making this from scratch as was wondering as to what SDKs I should work with. I was wondering if I use ASP.net then do I also need something like VisualBasic.net to create the application, or does ASP.net posses everything I need? I am working with Windows server 2003 and also wondered if I needed sql server 2000 as well. Thank you for your help

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    well the .NET platfrom is really powerful and gives a lot of added functionality, also it makes coding a bit easier and provides all kinds of assistance.

    not really sure about the sql server.


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    Hey everyone,

    Just finishing off the rest of the HTML server controls.

    HtmlTable - Controls the <table> HTML element, allows you to customise a HTML table on a page by giving access to various table properties like background colour, border colour, visibility, inner html etc. etc. this control is normally used in conjunction with the table row and table cell control.

    HtmlTableRow - Controls the <tr> HTML element, after creating the table, you need to put rows into it and then you place the data in a cell of that row, the HtmlTableRow is used after the HtmlTable control and allows you to manipulate the rows in a table by giving access to various properties like the background colour of the table row, its height etc.

    HtmlTableCell - Controls the <td>and <th> HTML tags. This is the last of the table controls in HTML controls, this control is normally used after the HtmlTableRow control has been used i.e. this one manipulates the actual data inside a cell, this too gives access to cell properties like background colour, alignment etc.

    HtmlTextArea - Controls a <textarea> HTML tag. Manipulates the multi line textbox crated using the <textarea> tag. you can adjust the height and width of the textarea etc.

    Any suggestions/corrections/comment welcome

    Some information from www.411asp.net & www.w3schools.com


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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to talk a bit about ASP.Net Event Handlers:

    An event handler is basically a action that takes place after a event is triggered i.e. a piece of code of executed following some action triggered by the user.

    For example: After clicking on the ‘Submit’ button on a web page, all the information in the various fields on that page are submitted back to the server. So, the event here is the clicking of the ‘Submit’ button and the action to that is submission of the information back to the user.

    Another example could be, that a piece of code is executed every time a page is loaded.

    As piece of code here could be to display the current time and date every time a page is loaded, you can easily do this by using the ‘Page_Load’ event handler of ASP.NET and then writing the relevant code in it

    Any comments/suggestions/corrections welcome

    Some information from www.411asp.net


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