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Thread: Flash 5 actionscript - directing a parent movie from loaded .swf

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    Flash 5 actionscript - directing a parent movie from loaded .swf

    hiya. using Flash 5. What I'm wanting to do is load a .swf over top of my main movie (it covers the whole thing). When someone hits the "back" button on the loaded .swf, I want to be able not only for it to unload the .swf (which it does just fine), but also to return to a specified frame of the parent movie. I'm assuming the actionscript that guides this should be in the loaded .swf, but not how to do it.

    I've tried TellTarget with no success. At best it does nothing, at worst it says it doesn't know what I'm talking about when I refer it to target "main". I also tried putting in the name of my parent movie as the target. I've tried both of these titles as expressions and not as expressions.

    I'm sure this is super simple, I just can't figure it out.

    The only work around I know for this is to limit the size of the overlaying .swf so that you are able to view a 'back' button from the parent movie. But, if I do it this way, I'll have to change the whole layout of the overlaying .swf, which I really don't want to do for aesthetic purposes.

    This issue has come up many times. I'd like, once and for all, to just know how to do it right rather than work around it.

    Help would be much appreciated.


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    try _root. or _parent.

    i think u need to link to a different frame wher isn't the loaded movie. try using this:

    on button located in loaded .swf paste this AS

    on (release){

    hope this can help ya

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