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    I need your help, please!
    I have a task program that requires among other things, the % of task completed.
    I have coded it this way:

    <TABLE WIDTH="50" height="2" bgcolor="white"><TR>
    <TD bgcolor="red" width="<%=rs("PR_Percent")%>%" height="2"></TD>"
    <!-- You must close this table -->

    but this code displays a bar dynamically, as it is intended to do.
    There are two problems, however.
    One, it doesn't matter how much percent of task is completed, it display the same length of bar.
    For instance, in my db, I have a low of 5% and a high of 55% of task completed but the bar displays as though everything was 50%.
    Second, I would like to display the bar and at the end of it, display show the number.
    for instance _____10%, here you, the bar is display and the numeric representation is also displayed.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Dave, you know your stuff, thanks!
    Is there any way to make the numeric display along side the bar?
    For instance if the value on the db is 30, is there anyway to display ____30% ( _____ this is bar in this case).
    thanks again

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    Dave, it worked great.
    You are one of the bests.
    Thank you a lot!

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