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Thread: prevent images from loading before redirect

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    prevent images from loading before redirect

    I have a HTML site that checks for user's flash plugin. If the user has the plugin, it auto-redirects the user to the flash site. But the problem is, I have a necessary show/hide javascript in the body onload tag. It's fine if the user does not have flash plugin, but if the user has it, the end result is pretty frustrating for them -- the onload function forces the page to load all the images before redirecting user to the flash site, where they have to wait again for the flash to load. How can I tell the html page to listen to this "if user has flash plugin, stop bloody loading and redirect NOW!" ?

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    how are you checking for the plug-in -- server side or client side? If it's server side, then this should be a non-issue, simple redirect to the flash site via server side code. If it's client side:
    // Pseudo-code
    if(hasFlashPlugin) {
    else {

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