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Thread: CSS applying to a certain area? (without pseudo)

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    CSS applying to a certain area? (without pseudo)

    I'm developing a new template to use with my eBay auctions, and as you probably know, whatever style you use in your template is carried onto the eBay page.

    Is there a way of making your CSS apply only to your part of the page, and leave the rest untouched?

    Thanks for any help.

    (Currently my CSS is included on the page, not external.)

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    Actually, this is precisely a case where you'd want to use an id. Quite simply, properly assign the id attribute of the element you'd like to style in your markup like this:
    And then style appropriately in the CSS:
    #container {
    	/* rules */
    #container p {
    	/* rules */
    Just define how each element (e.g., links, paragraphs, etc.) shuold be displayed in this one "container".

    P.S. A class may also come in handy if you'd like to style several specific spots in the page with a certain style, but I'm assuming you'd only want one.
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