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Thread: get rid of padding on <hr />

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    get rid of padding on <hr />

    I am useing a <hr /> in my design, but for some reason there is a margin or padding on top and bottom that i cant get rid of with css. I have searched on google for this and I found a bunch of people with the same problem, but none of them figured it out. Is it possible to get rid of the padding on the <hr />.


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    That's do to IE's crappieness. You could try removing padding/margin for your subheader, that may work. If not, you could always just make a bottom border for your <h2> which would give the same affect.

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    MstrBob is right.

    IE has extremely limited support for styling HR's. I would go with his suggestion of adding a bottom border to your header

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    Black dragon, when I made the box thing I nested a div then used the top and bottom border because it gave me a little more control. Its not as pretty aesthetically but it will do what you want.

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