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Thread: How to code braille-friendly web sites?

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    How to code braille-friendly web sites?


    I was wondering how to code braille-friendly web sites?

    I did a string search for WD and I got no threads that were about 'how to make a web site that is braille-screen friendly'.

    So, how do you code a braille-friendly web site?


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    Well, some people include alternate style sheets for braille users. Basically, I'd say, don't use tables because they don't linearize correctly. Use a pure CSS layout. Put your content first, and your navigation afterwards. Take a look at it in a non-graphical browser, like Lynx, which will give you a pretty good idea how a screen read will read it. And of course remember to include alternative text for all graphical elements, which you should be doing anyway because it's a W3C recommendation and necessary for valid HTML.

    If you don't have lynx, this Lynx Viewer comes in quite handy.

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    Follow Section 508 and WAI guidelines, and you'll be all set for all users.

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