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    Need something...

    Okay. I'm thinking I can do this with Javascript, and I *really* don't want to have to learn Flash, although I already have it on my computer and ready to learn if I have to. Here's my problem:

    What I'm wanting to do is perhaps have a non-moving JPG or GIF, and when the mouse goes over it, I want it to animate to something else with multiple frames, and I may even want to alter the width of the picture. Is this possible with Javascript? Any and all replies would be helpful. Source code is appreciated and preferred since I have very limited knowledge of Javascript. If you'd like to e-mail it, my e-mail is spork_kitty@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance.

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    the actual code however would depend on your HTML document: need the graphics files and element ids.
    If you can make an animated gif for the mouseover, you would not even need javascript, css can do the job
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    So, I can just use the mouseover to animate GIF script, then use CSS to only make the GIF animate once? Hmm, looks like CSS is more useful than I already thought. Thanks a lot. I'll look into that.

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