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Thread: ATT. PeOfEo and Lavalamp

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    Exclamation ATT. PeOfEo and Lavalamp

    Greetings guys
    What we discussed via messenger will be going ahead
    It will be Going ahead within the next 2-5 months here in SOUTH AFRICA......
    E-mail me if your still interested...


    Will still require your help

    take care guys

    my phone number whilst here is +27 729 130 436 its a cell phone so txt me.......

    c ya'z

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    I totally agree with Jeff.
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    I totally agree with Jeff.

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    hmm so his location on the left of his post claims to be in Australia, in his post he claims to be in South Africa, and he's also claiming to belong to a missonary society... Are you a spy or a politician?
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    I think he is back in ausi land because he is a witness in a murder trial, then he is going back to africa.

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    Now, why isn't my life as exciting as that?
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    Originally posted by davidbrent
    Now, why isn't my life as exciting as that?
    no kiddin :P i want some excitement, college just doesnt cut it all the time :P

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