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Thread: OT: what happened to webxpertz.net?

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    OT: what happened to webxpertz.net?

    Does anyone know what happened to webxpertz.net? They were out there last week, but I get page cannot be displayed messages now.

    I really rely on both this site and webxpertz.net for help with coding.

    Any info appreciated.


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    Well, I don't know what happened, but I suggest A List Apart in the meantime. ^^

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    I'm Keith Hassett from webxpertz. or KH@ if you like :-) I am from Cheshire in UK hence the silly Cat :-)
    Nice that you found the site useful.
    The site was moved to my server in UK about 10 years ago, though I now live in USA, NM.
    I'm shutting down the server and moving some sites to cheaper services. `Diades` AKA Scottish Keith, is in charge of moving the WEebxperz site.
    I dunno what he's up to, becoz I can't contact him.
    My phone number is USA 575 915 6792
    Maybe he'll get it up and running again soon.

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