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    Angry Submit form to email address...

    I've been trying to add a basic form to my site which will submit feedback to my email address. Despite trying both Dreamweaver and Frontpage as well as straight HTML coding, clicking the 'submit' simply opens up a new email box. I've looked at various 'help' pages and even copied and pasted a working example from the web (see http://webdesign.about.com/library/b...lbg073099c.htm) but still I have this frustrating result whenever clicking 'submit'. I've checked with my hosting company and there's not a problem at that end. I'm wondering if there's some configuration on my actual set which is causing it? To see the page I'm talking about, go to www.hughmcclelland.com/testcontact.htm.

    I'd really appreciate some help with this one before I start tearing my hair out... many thanks, Hugh

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    You should use a server-side form-to-mail script rather than a mailto: form. This article explains why, and provides some useful links.

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