Hi, I am new to this forum so please excuse my lack of knowledge. To cut a long story short this is what I want to do.

I run a cricket club site (http://www.arcadianscc.co.uk/) and what I would like to do is to build a web page where I can enter all of the match scores and bastmen / bowler details. This would then feed into an Access database automatically and update some reports for batting averages etc. I am fairly new to Access and have virtually no current knowledge of databases in the web environment.

So the questions are:

1. Where / How do I start?
2. How do I set up a database on a web page?
3. How can I configue the database / web page to update records automatically?
4. What should I do next?

I really would appreciate someone giving me some ideas so that I can begin to make progress. At the moment I update Excel spreadsheets (lots of them) and then save them as Web pages before uploading but would like to improve the automation.