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Thread: XML Books and or Websites

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    XML Books and or Websites

    Can someone tell me what would be a good book to read to learn XML? Would Teach Yourself XML in 21 Days be Good?

    Does anyone know of some websites with online tutorials?

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    Hey Zach,
    Buy the cheapest crapiest book out there for XML learning,XML it self is nothing more then a fancy text standard.(yes 21 days book should do)

    The tricky part is when you learn to create/parse XML using SAX(Simple API for XML ) or DOM (Document Object Model) based API's.

    Then the next part comes to action that which languages will you be wroking with.If java

    Then here is a detailed tutorial on Java/XML.Its a pretuy good tutorial.


    Unfortunately I have no idea for any other languages( I know there are parsers for C/C++ though).
    If XML/Java I can probably help you a great deal.



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    Thanks Khalidali. I don't really use Java on my sites, but I will try your tutorial. I am learning Java though, so I will probably use applets someday.

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