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Thread: Resolution and width problems

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    Resolution and width problems

    In an attempt to make my site more universal and so the content appears the same to people regardless of their resolution settings I had to "borrow" some code from a site I saw that had exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately, after hours of studying it I still cant quite figure it out. I posted this in the Javascript forums as I originally thought that was the source of my errors but on second tohught im not sure at all really...lol...So im posting it here too. Any help is appreciated.

    If you go to www.dimensionzero.org you will notice that the banner thing on the first page goes all the way across the page with no scroll bars. This is true at both the 1024x768 and 800x600 resolution settings (prolly the rest im sure i just didnt test any others)Basically, I want to have the same banner thing on my webpage and have it so regardless of the resolution setting the center image is always centered and there are no horizontal scrollbars. I tried to just copy and paste the whole code and manipulate it from there but with the <table width="100%"> around the center image it only stretches as far as the 200pixel wide image. How do I get it to go all the way across regardless of resolution setting as seen in the link above with no scrollbars?

    This is what I am getting: bad_intro.GIF

    Thanks in advance,

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    On the intro page, there's just an unsemantic table, with 100% width that has the same background as the image.
    <div style="width:100%;height:231px;padding:0;background:#E1DDD4;">
    <img src="path/to/image.jpg" alt="Image Description" width="200" height="231"></div>
    Or something similar.

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