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Thread: creating fully database-driven asp site

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    creating fully database-driven asp site


    I'm used to create static web-site, and i'm now going to revamp my site ti become a fully database driven web-pages, but I don't have exprience on creating fully database-driven site.

    1.)As i know , for creating the database-driven sitem, most of the content is store in the database, and it can be retrieved by passing an id (article id). An asp template is created to "contain" the content. IS IT CORRECT?? correct me if i'm wrong.

    2.) One of the problem is isn't any way to store pre-formatted text (with bold words, different font sizes, and hyperlinks) in a DB field. Any suggestions on what would be the best way of going about doing this? Should I create a DB table with fields that create a template? I want to make it as simple as possible cuz this would ideally be updated by someone outside of the web team who has no HTML/ASP experience. Any help is appreciated... thanks

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    you mean, there are number of HTML editor which allow us to retrieve our content from Database and save it into database??? ok..will try to look for it.

    If you have any recommendation, kindly recommend some. Thanks !!

    two hours later...

    hi, I come back from searching.....
    I found that all of the HTML editors are regarding creating ASP pages or HTML pages. None of them is served as Database-Driven site editor, which allow us to connect to our database, retrieve content, fornat the content and save into the database...please help.....
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    Thanks for all the reply.....
    I'm so tired to get the answer that i want...

    1.)I'm here would like to know, IS THERE ANY WEB EDITOR which allow us to connect to the database, retrieve the content, edit the content (can do formatting) and save into the database?????

    2.)I create a templete which is in .asp format, and all the content is in .inc format (except some in .asp).
    I use FSO to maniplulate the content.

    When the user activate the link for the navigator, the name of the file will be passed to the function

    I'm curious to know If our content is not update frequently, do I need to made it as database-driven page?? Would it be slow for downloading compare to the normal .asp/html file?

    Help!!!!!!!! curious to know
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