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Thread: Form submission...scripts?

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    Form submission...scripts?

    I've got a form on a website I'm working on, and am unsure of how to get the data from the form to an email inbox. In the past I've used mailto: to get the data sent, but a) the data is quite ugly in terms of formatting, and b) I've read that isn't a good solution to use if I want maximum coverage for people using the site...
    At the moment, I've got the form finished, and am using JavaScript (I know, again not hugely supported, but I don't know any alternatives, and its a lot better supported than it used to be!) to validate it and format the data nicely. All I want is something that can take the formatted submission from the JavaScript function and send it to an email address...any suggestions on what I want to do?

    If that can't be done (ie with my javascript etc), what is a good way to submit forms? I'm not sure what is available in terms of server side languages on the server hosting my website...have heard mention of php/asp/cgi ...? Are any of these on the right track?

    Thanks heaps.


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    In short, your only solution with JavaScript is to use a mailto command. I'd recommend contacting your host and see which (if any) server-side scripting languages they support. All of the three you mentioned have more advanced e-mail methods... which is what you are looking for.

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