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Thread: apache installation

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    apache installation

    i have downloaded apache 2.0.50 no-ssl and i am using windows xp. when i installed the package i chose typical. as the network name and server name i used localhost... at the end i want to test it through it works, but when i try through localhost it doesnt work... 504 (DNS gateway) error!

    could somebody please help me, or maybe give me a tutorial for a complete guided through installation...


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    or you can use wamp

    it comes with apache mysql and php5 pre installed. if you want php4, there is an add-on for that.

    thats the setup i use, and it works GREAT!

    (p.s. if for some reason apache dosnt turn on and you changed the configuration file, the configuration is invalid. apache wont start on an invalid httpd.conf file)

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    but it installs

    apache 1.3 and not apache 2.0.50

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