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Thread: formatting a page for printing

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    formatting a page for printing

    Dear experts,
    I am trying to format a page so that when a user prints a document, the layout will be exactly as the one shown on the link below:


    It is formatted on an 8/11 paper.

    The text may change but the length of each text is generally the same.

    Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

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    From my experience their is no real good way to do reports on the web. Using style sheets, page breaks and alot of trial and error.

    I assume you have the font size of the text and the font type. All you have to do is create some classes to mimick these font styles and apply them to the correct text.

    Since the length of your text will remain the same you will not have to worry about page breaks(wish i had it that easy).

    Again the rest is style sheets and trail and error.

    I create a report, print it and compare to what i am trying to copy.
    It takes a couple of tries but youll get it.

    You may have to fool with <br> or cellspacing and cellpadding to get the right amount of space between the text.

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