I am working in asp and got problem with the following :-

I got certain values like this in two different arrays,

vQty(0)=2 ; vCompID(0)=xx.xx.xxx.xx.x.xx
vQty(1)=3 ; vCompID(1)=aa.aa.aaa.aa.a.aa
vQty(2)=1 ; vCompID(2)=bb.bb.bbb.bb.b.bb
vQty(3)=5 ; vCompID(3)=yy.yy.yyy.yy.y.yy
vQty(4)=4 ; vCompID(4)=cc.cc.ccc.cc.c.cc

Now, I need to sort both the arrays like this

vQty(0)=1 ; vCompID(0)=bb.bb.bbb.bb.b.bb
vQty(1)=2 ; vCompID(1)=xx.xx.xxx.xx.x.xx
vQty(2)=3 ; vCompID(2)=aa.aa.aaa.aa.a.aa
vQty(3)=4 ; vCompID(3)=cc.cc.ccc.cc.c.cc
vQty(4)=5 ; vCompID(4)=yy.yy.yyy.yy.y.yy

Two arrays are dependent, I should able to sort it in ascending order value of vQty and this should reflect in vCompID position. Do i need to create a multi dimensional array and sort them and then split it back into two single dimensional array. I have no clue. Kindly give me the mock code.

Kindly help me, Thanks in advance.