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Thread: need advice on DIV stretching

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    need advice on DIV stretching


    Here's a link to a layout I'm working on, and here's the css

    Basically I have 3 divs on the top, with middle one set to stretch but limiited by min-width. The left side bar is controlled the same way but by min-height.

    I used a layout spacer trick I read about here to get this to work on IE/win.

    What I want is for the bar's to stretch, but the graphics on the ends will stop at a point so they don't go behind.

    This is working fine in moz and IE/win, but its having problems in Mac IE.

    I understand that Mac IE doesn't support min-width. I was hoping someone might have some ideas on how I can deal with that browser. I'm at loss right now, and I'd like to do this in pure css if possible.

    I was also trying to figure out why the taz graphic on the bottom of the left bar is so low, I'd rather it be higher in the page when the content isn't pushing it down.

    Thanks very much for any help.
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    A StopDesign article was posted on this topic a while back; serve up a seperate stylesheet for IE5/Mac to keep things organized and looking good.
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