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Thread: Script Installation: MAKEFILE

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    Unhappy Script Installation: MAKEFILE

    I'm a novice to Perl. I found a free script that allows to fetch news headlines. Demo results look just great but I don't know how to install it...

    I installed a couple of CGI scripts by uploading .cgi or .pl file into my CGI-Bin and modifying a couple of parameters within them. It was easy. The script in question, though, seems to need to run MAKEFILE.

    Instruction says something about commands MAKE, INSTALL, etc. Do I have to do it to install a script remotely to my host? Those command don't seem to be runnable under Windows... Am I trying to get too much?

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    The MAKEFILE you are seeing in the instructions is about installing modules to Perl. For example, some scripts require certin modules to run and if these modules are not installed in Perl well then the script simply won't run or will run poorly.

    First: does your script have required modules in the instructions, if so

    Run this script in your cgi-bin http://www.scriptsolutions.com/programs/free/perldiver/

    it will deliver back the modules installed, if the module you require is not installed then contact your provider to install it. Very few providers will allow customer access to do it yourself.
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